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Platelet Rich Fibrin


PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin), is the next generation in regenerative treatment, used to help promote hair growth, skin rejuvenation and wound healing. PRF exists as a fibrin matrix that responds to injury in the body stimulating the body’s natural regenerative process.


Platelets are activated once they bind to Fibrin and begin to release growth factors, which start the healing process by creating new skin cells, collagen and blood vessels. White blood cells within the fibrin matrix stimulate greater cytokine release, kick-starting new cell growth and collagen production.

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the difference between
prf & prp

Although PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) share some basic similarities, PRF holds significant differences that make it stand out as the superior treatment.


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Platelet Rich Fibrin

Platelet Rich Plasma

Latest Method

No anticoagulants used in test tubes.

(optimal healing)


Higher platelet number
10 x normal platelet number

3-5 mins spin time

Slow spin speed allowing white blood cells and stem cells to remain within the platelet layer that is collected for treatment

Low cell trauma

Extended release – effects last 10-15 days due to Fibrin matrix

First generation

Anticoagulants used. Decreasing clotting cascade and leading to less optimal healing

Lower platelets numbers than PRF
2-4 x normal platelets

20-30 mins centrifuge time

Spun at high speeds, causing heavier cells such as stem cells and white blood cells to collect at the bottom of the test tube


Higher cell trauma

Short acting – lasts about 6 hours

  • Stimulated blood flow 

  • New blood vessel formation (Facilitates angiogenesis)

  • Promotes the body’s natural regenerative process

  • Increases graft survival 

  • Highly effective when used in conjunction with hair transplantation

  • Increases hair density

  • Minimal downtime required

  • Long-lasting results

  • Effective for patients with Alopecia areata and Alopecia Universalis


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PRF is an effective treatment option for most people experiencing hair loss. In particular those who have tried the oral treatments Finasteride and topical Minoxidil without seeing any kind of meaningful results.


PRF works for traction alopecia and other medical conditions associated with hair loss.
We like to use PRF in conjunction with hair transplantation to ensure the highest possible graft survival rate.

At TRICHOGENICS, we have researched the most effective non-surgical ways to combat hair loss. Our highly trained doctors assess each patient on a case by case basis, creating tailored treatment plans for each individual.

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prf is contraindicated in certain conditions like:

  • Cancer

  • Low platelet count (because your own blood fuels the hair restoration process)

  • Liver disease

  • Sepsis

  • Infection

  • Metabolic disorders

  • Auto-immune diseases

It is important that our patients have a prior consultation with one of our physicians to ensure the safe administration of this treatment.

At Trichogenics we aim to get the best possible results. We therefore recommend that all of our transplant patients receive (at least) one PRF treatment, one month prior to

transplantation surgery.

During surgery, we inject PRF into the transplanted area and use the PRF serum to house the follicular grafts. Post- transplantation, we recommend a minimum of 3 sessions -1 month apart - for optimal graft survival rate.

Note: For foreign patients, we will assist in finding  a suitable clinic within our global network.

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PRF and hair

This simple procedure is quick and painless, due to its non-surgical nature. Our doctors take only 10-20 ml of your blood and spin it in a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates the blood into its different components.

After this, the Platelet-rich Fibrin is then carefully extracted from the specialized test tube and is injected into the sparse area of the scalp, stimulating regrowth and the repair of hair follicles.

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instructions to ensure the

best results

  • Avoid blood-thinners (both medications and supplements). These include aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil, ginseng, and flax. 

  • Clean your head and scalp thoroughly with a gentle shampoo like baby shampoo.

  • Do not use hair dye for at least three days before your treatment. 

  • Refrain from smoking for at least three days before your procedure.

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PRF treatments for hair loss and facial rejuvenation are perfectly safe as not only are the elements of PRF derived from the patient’s own blood but also the practice of using plasma during medical treatments is relatively common

(whether PRF or PRP).

Our doctors always use sterile needles, syringes, and specialized tubes to mitigate the risks of infection and to ensure the highest quality PRF procedure is performed.


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