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Hair Transplant vs Hair Plugs | What’s the Difference?

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

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There’s a lot of fuss made around FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction) hair transplants. It’s a simple procedure: taking hair from another part of your head and inserting individual grafts in those areas where those follicles are few, and let nature fill in the gaps for you over time. You might be thinking, “Hold on. This sounds a lot like the process my dad/uncle/grandad had done back in the day – hair plugs, right?”. Not exactly. Your daddy’s hair plugs don’t hold a candle to these newer hair transplantation methods. Don’t believe us? Here’s what you need to know to make sure you invest in a hair restoration procedure that works.

Hair Plugs: A Spotty Record

The procedure behind hair plugs may look like FUE transplants, but the results should tell you all you need to know. While both procedures use grafts of natural hair to fill in the gaps in your hairline, hair plugs are often large, round grafts that resemble a conspicuous series of hairy moles – particularly easy to spot (pardon the pun) in shorter hair styles.

One might argue that hair plugs have had their day. These days, this procedure may be dismissed as a clumsy remnant of the equally awkward 90s’ yuppy culture. More modern hair transplant methods are stealing centre stage and for good reason…

Hair Transplantation: Fuller Cover

As stated earlier, the cracks (or rather, spots) in the hair plugs method are becoming more obvious, especially with the rise of newer, sleeker hair transplantation options. In comparison, FUE hair transplants look more natural and require fewer sessions to achieve the desired outcome. You could simply call it “hair plugs 2.0” – after all, it’s a similar procedure, only more streamlined. Unlike the bulky grafts of previous decades, FUE transplants require smaller incisions for the grafts that result in minimal scarring – practically invisible! Wear your new hair long or short without worrying about giving away the secret behind your new, fuller head of hair.

Not to say there isn’t room for improvement in this minor cosmetic procedure. However, now, it is the most effective method of hair restoration on the market. And that level of effectiveness skyrockets when you seek the services of medically licensed hair restoration specialists.

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TRICHOGENICS Hair Restoration Center specialises in professional hair transplants and treatments for both men and women. Our mission is to help you look good and feel great. Combining the latest in medical methodology and cutting-edge equipment, we guide our clients through their hair restoration journeys safely, discreetly and with empathy.

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