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TRICHOGENICS Hair Restoration Center provides top-quality medical care, combining the latest methodology and cutting-edge equipment with a touch of artistic flair. Our mission is to help you look good and feel great. We guide our clients step-by-step through their hair restoration journey safely, discreetly, and with empathy. 


Our founders, Dr. Asi Peretz and Dr. Eric Peretz are brothers and internationally trained hair restoration surgeons. Fusing the latest FUE techniques with geometry and a keen eye for detail, they have perfected the art of creating the most natural-looking hairlines. 

TRICHOGENICS is located within the famous Nişantaşı Istanbul, in a world-class private hospital equipped with state-of-the-art surgical theatres, ensuring the highest quality hair transplantation process.

Our Doctors

Co-founders and brothers Dr. Asi and Dr. Eric Peretz created TRICHOGENICS from a shared love for aesthetic and functional medicine. They believe that hair loss is one of the primary factors affecting male aesthetics, aging, and confidence.


Together they form the perfect team, assisting  each other- every step of the way- to ensure the highest levels of care and attention when it comes to hair loss

and the TRICHOGENICS hair restoration journey.


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