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A unique hair restoration experience, tailored by our doctors, to meet
your every need.




At TRICHOGENICS, we believe the consultation phase is essential and the first step

in your hair transformation journey.

Firstly, we assess and check if you are a good candidate for surgery via our online consultation forms.

If you are deemed a good candidate, we then set up a live consultation with one of our doctors

(either in the office or we can arrange a video consultation call). 


We start by checking the status of your general health; your blood pressure and your BMI. Your blood glucose control is assessed and controlled if need be. This ensures that no post-operative complications arise. At this stage, we also assess your type of balding to make sure that it is amenable to surgical repair (pattern balding vs. scarring alopecia).

During this assessment, we factor in your age and family history of balding to accurately model future hair loss and precisely plan your surgery to ensure optimal results! 


A chauffeur is available to transport you from the airport to your luxury hotel.


Mövenpick Bosphorus

Carefully picked to ensure a premium, personal experience 

day of SURGERY




We encourage our patients to eat an adequate breakfast at home or the hotel prior to surgery. 


You are met by a driver who chauffeurs from your hotel to our clinic.

Blood tests 

On arrival, pre-operative blood work is taken. We ensure there are no infectious diseases that could interfere with post-operative healing and your blood is simultaneously taken for PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin).

This is injected into the scalp to prepare the implantation area and to promote the survival of the hair grafts. 

Hairline Design

At this stage, your new hairline is planned and drawn. Once we have achieved the desired look that you are happy with, we proceed by shaving the donor area only (the entire head does not need to be shaved).


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Local Anesthesia and sedation 

Blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen saturation is checked pre-operatively and throughout the procedure.

At this point, you will be given a small tablet to help sedate you and keep you comfortable for the duration of the surgery (you will still be fully conscious).

At TRICHOGENICS, we do our best to avoid any discomfort. Local anaesthesia infiltration is the only step where minimal pain or discomfort may be felt. We will numb your scalp using an anaesthetic cream before we insert needles for local infiltration. This process will be over in a few minutes and from here on out you can relax; put in your headphones and listen to music or a podcast, watch your favourite shows, movies or YouTube channels; or take a long peaceful nap. 


During the procedure 

Depending on the number of grafts, surgical time takes between 4 to 8 hours. You will be able to take a break at any time that you wish. You will be able to go to the restroom and lunch will be provided for you during surgery. At TRICHOGENICS, we are lucky to have two chief surgical physicians. This means we can perform a higher number of grafts in one day.  

We do not advise doing more than 4000 grafts in one session and we will not perform such sessions at our clinic, as surgical risks begin to increase. 

Trichogenics Hair Transplant in Turkey

Incision stage performed by

Dr. Peretz

after surgery

Once we have cleaned and dressed the donor area, we chauffeur you to your hotel with specific care instructions. The hotel choice, picked by the doctors personally, considers every aspect of the post-surgery experience. Our team will be available on call- 24/7- should you have any queries or concerns. 



day 1



After a slow wake-up, with breakfast at the hotel, you will be picked up and brought to the clinic for your post-op evaluation and washing of the surgical area.

This process is quick and painless and will be done by one of our doctors.

You will thereafter be chauffeured back to your hotel, for some rest and relaxation whilst healing.

Trichogenics Hair Transplant in Turkey

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day 3

second consultation

On the third morning after your surgery, you will have another consultation where the doctors will check in your healing progress, give you your aftercare instructions and making sure you are ready to fly or return home.


Sightseeing in Istanbul

The Galata Tower

Called the Christea Turris by the Genoese, the medieval stone tower is located in the Galata/Karaköy quarter of Istanbul.


Congratulations! The beginning of your Hair Transplantation Journey is complete. Once you have returned home, should you wish, you can book a check-in consultation on  DAY 10. At this point you can meet with us and discuss any queries you may have (if you have any).

Finally, on MONTH 1, MONTH 6, and MONTH 12, post-surgery, you can attend check-in appointments so that we can check in on your progress, and document

your Hair Transformation Results!


At TRICHOGENICS we pride ourselves by having the highest levels of quality care. Our Doctors will always be available to you should you have any concerns.

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