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5 Celebrities That Have Had Hair Transplants

Are you reluctant about getting a hair transplant or think it is shameful?

In that case, you’ll be surprised to know that several celebrities have undergone hair transplant surgery.

Like us, celebrities are also human beings. This means they face issues like normal people, including hair loss and thinning.

Since celebrities have openly started discussing their hair transplants, the stigma attached to this procedure has lessened.

Here are a few who had hair transplants done.

1. John Travolta

John Travolta

Known for his performances in the 1970s, popular American icon John Travolta had been balding for years and had a receding hairline.

In 2016, he finally opted for a hair transplant surgery after trying out different hair repair methods, which failed to work. Ever since he got the hair transplant, his look has completely transformed, and he looks much younger.

2. Tom Hanks

Celebrities That Have Had Hair Transplants - Tom Hanks

Widely known for his dramatic and comedic roles, Thomas Jeffery Hanks is one of the most well-known film stars around the globe. He has worked on many renowned projects, including Bachelor Party, Volunteers, and The Money Pit.

Over the years, he started having a hair loss problem due to stress and fatigue, along with thin hair in his middle age. He successfully got a hair transplant treatment for natural-looking hair to retain his look.

3. Calum Best

Celebrities That Have Had Hair Transplants - Calum Best

American TV personality Calum Best, best known for his work in Celebrity Big Brother, revealed that he had undergone a hair transplant surgery.

When he underwent the transplant surgery when he started losing his hair. The hair follicles were extracted from the back of his head and transplanted to the front side. This surgery helped him with a new look and eased his anxiety.

The surgery helped boost his self-esteem as he had been facing hair loss since his 20s.

4. Nicolas Cage

Celebrities That Have Had Hair Transplants - Nicolas Cage

Superstar American Actor, Nicolas Cage, known for winning Academy and Golden Globe Awards, was spotted in 2009 with thinning hair.

Two years later, he was seen with a complete transformation: a hair transplant. He got his youthful look back and started to look even more handsome and dashing.

Nicolas Cage is best recognized for his work in the famous movie Face Off and is followed by numerous people worldwide.

5. Ben Affleck

Celebrities That Have Had Hair Transplants - Ben Affleck

Winner of 50+ awards and nominated over 120 times, Ben Affleck is known as a world-class actor and producer who has many works to his name.

Over time he started losing some patches in his hair, and his scalp saw several damages. Due to this issue, he had no other option than to go for a hair transplant surgery.

He then stopped having issues with his hair as his surgery went successful. Now after a few years, he has a head full of hair.

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