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Beard Hair Transplants: What You Need To Know

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

FUE Hair Transplants For A Fuller Beard | Get A Free Consultation

Isn’t it frustrating when, after years of growing out your beard, you can’t manage to grow more than patchy peach fuzz? Unfortunately, not every man is genetically predisposed toward growing the thick, ultra-manly beard he dreamed about in his awkward adolescence. Maybe you’ve been trying to grow a fine and full beard that can be trimmed and styled ad infinitum - or maybe you’ve been longing to go full ZZ Top – only to be let down every time you catch a glance at your face in the mirror.

Well, now you can put away that disappointment for good. Hair transplants and treatments today extend well beyond the hair on your head. Find out how the latest hair transplant methods can put more hair on your chin.

FUE Hair Transplants For A Fuller Beard

FUE, or Follicle Unit Extraction, might sound unappealing – after all, you’re already working with a limited supply – but this pain is worth the gain. Unlike a hair transplant, only single hair follicles are used for facial hair to mimic nature. Hair follicles are extracted and trimmed to form single units, before being carefully implanted along the jaw and upper lip area for a natural appearance. When done correctly, this procedure should leave you with near-invisible dot scars at the insertion points.

Hold up, I hear you say, this is sounding an awful lot like hair plugs. Well, it’s not.

Hair plugs tend to be on the larger side, making for a more obvious and unnatural appearance, especially in shorter styles. Plugs also need more transplant sessions and time to fill out.

An FUE transplant, on the other hand, has proven to look more natural and typically leads to faster, fuller hair growth. People, who have undergone FUE transplants, experienced quicker recovery time from this procedure. Those minute scars mentioned above are not readily visible, even under shorter beard/moustache styles.

FUE Hair Transplants For A Fuller Beard

Is A Beard Transplant Right For You?

You might be among the 84% of men experiencing the more obvious signs of hair loss. Whether it be hereditary, hormonal, or a combination of the two, this condition can be difficult to live within the day-to-day. However, does this mean an invasive transplant procedure is your only option?

Put those fears to rest! When you’re working with a specialist, who knows what they’re doing, you will first be assessed to find out what the best hair restoration option is for you. This assessment considers your age, family history, and potential future hair loss. From there, you may be presented with non-surgical alternatives such as PRF regenerative treatments or other medical treatments.

To get the fuller beard you desire, your most important decision will be which doctor you should consult.

Get A Free Consultation

TRICHOGENICS Hair Restoration Center specialises in professional hair transplants and treatments for both men and women. Our mission is to help you look good and feel great. Combining the latest in medical methodology and cutting-edge equipment, we guide our clients through their hair restoration journeys safely, discreetly and with empathy.

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