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Trichogenics observations show improved health metrics in patients post-hair transplantation

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

DUBLIN, IRELAND, May 3, 2022 / -- One might argue that the definition of aging Is the visible physical manifestation of time. Or perhaps it is better described by the biological processes that precede these events. These distinctions have been on the mind of anti-aging physicians for decades. More so, It seems obvious that appearing younger makes one feel younger, but does feeling younger lead to actual improvements in one's physiology? The answer to this question seems to be a resounding yes. People who appear more youthful exhibit health in a variety of ways. Dr. Asi Peretz and Dr. Eric Peretz, hair restoration and regenerative medicine specialists, observed over 50 subjects post-hair transplantation and discovered that 90% of patients who perceived themselves as younger after the surgery also had improved physiologic health indicators such as blood pressure, glycemic management, and body weight. It backs up the hypothesis that one's self-perception of youth significantly impacts mental and physical health.

Trichogenics observations shows improved health metrics in patients post hair transplantation

There are several theories as to why this is the case. For starters, having a more youthful appearance has been demonstrated to motivate people to act in ways that are more appropriate for a younger person. They are more physically and sexually engaged, have a busier social life, and are more careful of the sort and amount of food they consume. Exercise, nutrition, and social connections are the undisputed pillars of anti-aging and regenerative medicine. So, how might people be helped to perceive themselves as younger than they are? There are several methods, one of which is altering or maintaining one's physical appearance.

One could do many things to alter their physical appearance, from the extremes of overfilled faces and lips to body implants and more. However, we have found that a handful of physical characteristics make the most considerable contribution to actually looking younger. Moreover, the order of their importance is slightly different in males than in females.

Males (in order of importance):

  1. Body composition and weight (body fat percentage & percentage of lean muscle): A trim and well-maintained physique is the single most important factor in maintaining a youthful appearance as a man.

  2. Hair: (Balding in men is one of the first signs of aging, reversal of a receding hairline or open crown can instantly make a man look ten years younger)

  3. Teeth: (They don't have to be perfectly straight, but tooth decay, severe staining, and receding gums are sure to make anyone appear older)

  4. Skin: (less important in men, but sunscreens and small amounts of botulinum toxins can do wonders to aid in a man's youthful appearance.

Females (in order of importance)

  1. Skin: (Radiant, glowing, wrinkle-free skin with no hypo/hyperpigmentation is the key to achieving a youthful look as a female, this can be achieved by meticulous use of a good sunscreen, PRP and PRF therapy, retinol and moisturizers, botulinum toxins, chemical, and laser peels)

  2. Body composition and weight: (Diet and exercise are critical here. However, age-related fat redistribution can create a less youthful and appealing physique even if we train our butts off every day and have a great diet. Luckily there is a solution, procedures like Brazilian Butt lifts and body sculpting, albeit on the more invasive side, use one's own body fat and redistribute it to areas that accentuate youthful femininity, like the buttocks, thighs, and certain areas of the face.)

  3. Hair: (pattern balding and other types of alopecia in women are more common than one would think. Female baldness is significantly more challenging to treat since several variables can cause it, and therapies are often ineffective. However, there is hope because particular clinics, such as Trichogenics, specialize in treating these conditions.)

  4. Teeth

Trichogenics observations shows improved health metrics in patients post hair transplantation

So, what does all of this mean? If it isn't already obvious, our most powerful weapon against aging is in our own hands. Skin, hair, teeth, and body composition are factors that deserve the utmost consideration. These are the most important physical variables that will make one appear and feel younger. It's not simply a cliche, but the fact is that prevention is always preferable to a cure. The pillars of anti-aging are exercise, calorie restriction, and nutrient-dense diets. Other recommendations include regular application of sunscreen, good dental hygiene, the use of hair loss medications, and skin maintenance with botulinum toxins and retinoids. Finally, refrain from excessive alcohol, stimulants, and drug consumption.

So what if, like many of us, we have neglected to implement these preventative measures that, let's be honest, take a lot of discipline, commitment, time, and dedication? There is still hope, as the field of regenerative medicine offers us a real natural way of reversing the damage done to our organs and tissues. We are not doomed to pursue youth by succumbing to overfilled, swollen lips and faces. We can start by using our own body tissue to repair itself. It is minimally invasive and has a slight risk for serious medical adverse events. The results are nothing short of astounding.

Regenerative medicine represents the future of human beauty and anti-aging, from FUE hair transplants and stem cell treatment to the numerous applications of PRP and PRF. So, keep in mind that it's never too late to begin, and in the words of Dr. Asi Peretz, “if you look young, you'll feel young, and you'll have a better, happier life.”

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